We Do More Than Just Clean

Our knowledgeable consultants can help you or your community or parent group learn to live green. Click here to learn more about what we can do!

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Do You Feel Smothered by Your Stuff?

Your home should be a haven, a place to relax. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and disorganized, give us a call! We can help you find your flow.

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Need Help With The Cleaning?

Busy? Tired? Just plain hate to clean? No matter your reason, we’re ready to help!

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Why We Do What We Do

Click here to read some happy words about our service from the people who matter most– our clients!

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Learn More! We've been providing residential cleaning and organizing services to the N. Dallas, Texas area since 2004. Find out how we can help you!
  • We ♥ Our Clients

    At New Leaf Natural Home, we value each and every one of our clients. We work hard and do our best for you every day, so you have plenty of YOUR best left for the ones YOU ♥.
  • Clean & Simple

    We use all naturally-derived, non-toxic products and Dyson® HEPA vacuums to clean your house top to bottom. We leave your home looking and smelling great, so you can have the freedom to spend your time on the things that really matter.
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Recently on the New Leaf Blog

Digging Out

Tax time is upon us again! Retailers know that this is the time of year when people resolve to get their filing systems cleaned up, reorganized, or started. So where do you even think about starting?

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Gross, but effective.

Unclogging a Drain Without Chemicals (Not for the Faint of Heart)

This little gadget is a lifesaver. And less than $3, which means it gets one of my rare two thumbs up awards.

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Ahhhhh…That New Vacuum Smell

I use Dysons for the business and have always been impressed. I’m going to put this little guy through his paces this week and see what happens.

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